Every 26 seconds, a student in the U.S. drops out of high school. That’s roughly 7,000 each day, or 1.2 million students a year. These are not just numbers, these are children who need our help.

United Way’s new On Track 4 Success program helps kids in impoverished neighborhoods stay and succeed in school with the goal of getting their diploma.

We must change the odds for these children at risk of dropping out. Ineligible for 90% of the jobs in this country, high school dropouts are more likely to:

  • Earn significantly less over the course of their working life
  • Have health issues and die younger
  • Become incarcerated
  • Establish a cycle of poverty for themselves and their families

Based on groundbreaking research, On Track 4 Success is a collaborative program utilizing school-based support teams and United Way social workers who look at the A, B, Cs: Attendance, Behavior and Course performance issues that can be precursors to later dropping out.

The program connects students with academic coaching, therapy, health resources and more to get them back on track for success.

Please help us ensure student success and brighter futures for central Maryland students with a gift to this program.

United Way's On Track 4 Success


Education is the foundation of a successful and self-sufficient life. High school graduates live longer and earn higher wages – and their children do too. Yet too many children fall through the cracks. We’re helping to change that through programs that keep children facing homelessness in their homes and schools, help teen parents graduate, and intervene to stabilize the lives of at-risk students.

United Way works to help children succeed in school so they can graduate ready for a bright future, including a new pilot program launching in the 2016-2017 school year that will help young students stay on track to graduate from high school.

United Way Family Center

Since 2014, the United Way Family Center has been instrumental in helping 10 teen parents graduate from Baltimore Benjamin Franklin High School. Eighteen infants and toddlers and their parents are presently enrolled in early childhood education programs and parenting education services.

Student Mobility

Since 2012, 1,515 school-age children (99.7%) enrolled in our Family Stability Programs avoided a disruptive move in school.


Make a gift to help stabilize children in our community so they can succeed in school and prepare for a bright future. No one can create change alone. That’s why we need you.


When Brianna found out she was expecting, she didn’t want to tell her mom or grandmother. As a high school senior, she knew most teen parents drop out of school, and Brianna did not want to become a statistic. She knew she had to finish school, and that to do that, she would need help.