2-1-1: Closing the gap between people and resources

Date: February 11, 2015

To change the odds, we must know the odds – and United Way does. When I began my Baltimore Corps Fellowship at United Way of Central Maryland in late October, the call volume experienced by our 2-1-1 call center was intimidating. From keeping the lights on to finding baby formula, each of the 96,000 plus calls is an individual or family searching for a helping hand. How could I, in my role as a strategist, elevate 2-1-1 to better serve people in need across the entire central Maryland region?

I quickly learned that I had the wrong attitude from the start. The 2-1-1 team at United Way helps thousands of lives in our community every day and continually works to close the gap between people and resources. It is a privilege to work alongside transformational leaders who are not only hearing our neighbors’ and friends’ stories and ensuring we have the best quality information available. They are making the important work of change-makers known. 2-1-1 paints a picture of what our community asks for, needs and the odds it faces daily.

Today we acknowledge the people we have served but also recognize that we have not yet beaten the odds. I am dedicated to moving the service forward with the newly established 2-1-1 Innovation Lab. From improving operations to leveraging new technology and relationships, we look forward to more efficiently and effectively serving those in need in central Maryland and sharing our progress.

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