2-1-1: Providing comfort and nourishment through the storm

Date: January 25, 2016

Most of us are able to run to the grocery store for food and supplies to prepare for a blizzard before it hits. But for those who are disabled and living on a very low income, it’s not as simple.

Diane, a 71-year-old living in East Baltimore was in desperate need and called the 2-1-1 Maryland United Way Helpline on Friday during winter storm Jonas. She had no food or money in her home.

Our 2-1-1 call specialist discovered that Diane uses a wheelchair and is unable to leave her home during bad winter weather. Everyone she normally relies on for food had fallen through. No one was returning her calls. She was out of options.

Thankfully, 2-1-1 was there to help. Call specialists reached out to partner organizations and found two incredibly dedicated volunteers who ventured through the blizzard Saturday morning to deliver food to Diane.

The volunteers left their contact information to ensure Diane could call them for any follow-up needs. She was deeply moved. “God bless them for the rest of their life!” she said about the 2-1-1 team and volunteers.

The 2-1-1 Maryland United Way Helpline provided several long-term support resources and will continue to follow up with Diane to ensure she is connected with ongoing services and can continue to be self-sufficient.


  1. Very happy to hear Diane got help from from the volunteers during storm.. Last summer me and my 3 children’s we did volunteers help doing door to door put fly of 211.. We willing to help again.. Thanks

  2. Thank you for volunteering! Awareness of 2-1-1 continues to grow and we are grateful to have volunteers like you.

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