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The COVID-19 situation is evolving hourly. If you need help with food, healthcare, rent or mortgage, utility or other bills, childcare, or other essential services, dial 211 for help and the answers you’re looking for.

If you can’t reach us through 211, dial 410-685-0525 or 1-800-492-0618.

Text for help: Call or text your ZIP code to 898 211.

For the most up-to-date and accurate information on COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website.

Live chat for COVID-19 questions and symptom assessment: Click COVID button at the bottom right corner. 211 Maryland and United Way of Central Maryland are not responsible for the content of this chat and do not guarantee the accuracy or effectiveness of any information or advice provided therein.

About 211

211 is a free and confidential service providing information, community resources, and referrals for a variety of health and human service issues 24/7, every day of the year. Our professional and caring call specials are here to help.

The 211 Maryland United Way Helpline can help you access:

  • Food
  • Shelters and emergency housing for the homeless
  • Access to transitional housing
  • Medical care
  • Utility assistance
  • Tax help
  • Job training
  • Eviction prevention services
  • Family services and counseling
  • Day care
  • Prescription assistance
  • Suicide prevention and crisis center services

How the 211 Maryland United Way Helpline Works

Dial 211 from a cellphone or landline.

If you cannot reach us through 211, dial 410-685-0525 (greater Baltimore area) or 1-800-492-0618 (elsewhere in Maryland).

A caring call specialist will listen to your needs.

Make sure to describe your situation in detail. 211 may be able to help with more than you think.

You’ll be connected with services you’re eligible for.

The call specialist will search for services that you are eligible for and may be able to sign you up on the spot.

We have thousands of 211 Helpline success stories.

Here are just three from recent days:


When Jeremy’s motorized wheelchair broke down, the supplier wouldn’t come to measure him for a new one unless he provided documentation that he’d been tested for COVID-19. Jeremy had an appointment for the test the next day, but couldn’t get there without a wheelchair.

211 immediately contacted a variety of resources, and was able to deliver him a wheelchair so that he could keep his testing appointment.


Isabella has three children and is blind. She voice-dialed 211, desperately seeking food for her children after learning that none of the schools in her neighborhood were offering free meals.

211 texted her a list of five nearby food pantries, which she had Siri read aloud so that her oldest child could contact them to get the food they needed.


Frank, who is disabled and couldn’t get out for food, had been living on nothing but crackers for days. He called 211, saying he didn’t know if he could make it another day without a meal.

211 contacted Adult Protective Services and was able to get him food the very same day.


Help those impacted by the Coronavirus with a donation to our COVID-19 Community Fund


Not only does 211 provide information, it also serves as a barometer of need in our community, allowing us to identify trends and fill gaps in addressing education, financial stability, and health in central Maryland.

211 Maryland is available through four call centers through the following organizations:

  • United Way of Central Maryland (Baltimore, MD)
  • Community Crisis Services, Inc. (Hyattsville, MD)
  • Life Crisis Center, Inc. (Salisbury, MD)
  • Mental Health Association of Frederick County (Frederick, MD)
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