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Covid survey reveals struggles of hardworking households
August 4, 2021

The pandemic’s been tough on us all—especially low-wage earners.

In mid-March, we surveyed more than 2,000 people across the state about how they’ve been impacted by the pandemic. The findings did not surprise us.

With limited income and little to no savings, working families whose earnings can’t keep pace with the high cost of essentials—like housing, food, and healthcare—are being hit the hardest.

Just because people’s incomes are over the poverty level, do not assume that we have tons of money to spare. We are swimming in debt trying to just stay alive and keep our family intact.” —survey respondent

Among the top concerns of those who are ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) and those below the federal poverty level*:

  • Losing their home: 1 in 2
  • Losing their job or reduced work hours: nearly 30%
  • Feeding their families: 1 in 3
  • Paying bills: 43%
  • Childcare: Twice as likely to be worried about finding childcare

*Compared with those above the ALICE Threshold.

“We are struggling on a daily basis but are just over the threshold for qualifying for support. Without the new stimulus payment coming this week we would not have been able to cover our household bills and expenses.” —survey respondent

United Way helps the most vulnerable in our communities by providing resources and programs to assist them throughout the pandemic and the recovery that follows.

We’re helping. You can, too.

Read the COVID Survey report here. 


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