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Lyft car

“I haven’t eaten in days, I don’t know what to do. I don’t have money for the bus. I can’t get there.” 

“I’m trying to get back on my feet. I have to get to this interview tomorrow.”  

“I’m having surgery and I need someone to take me home afterwards, but I don’t have anyone who can pick me up.”  

Each month, hundreds of requests come through our United Way Maryland 211 Helpline. Our team connects people to the services they need, but can’t always access due to transportation restrictions. 

Thanks to a partnership with Lyft, United Way’s Ride United initiative, established in 2018, helps meet transportation needs for eligible callers.  

Closing transportation gaps caused by poverty, systemic racism, and other inequities is critical for securing employment, accessing medical care, obtaining healthy food, and dealing with emergencies and crises. 

We believe that: 

  • Everyone should be able to get where they need to go, safely and reliably.  

  • Providing transportation options for people who need them helps people pay their bills, feed their families, and more.  

  • Getting food and essential items (including pet food, hygiene items, and emergency preparation kits) should be as easy as possible, regardless of one’s circumstances.  

  • Delivering essentials to those in need is not only life-changing, it can change the way we help our neighbors.  

A donation of any size means that someone can get a ride to a grocery store rather than pay the added cost at the corner convenience store. Your donation gives someone a ride to the emergency room or doctor's office. When there is no one else available, a gift to 211 and Lyft means that someone will be.