Your gift keeps Marylanders in homes, helps kids in school, and provides access to healthy food and jobs that pay the bills.

United Way of Central Maryland Receives Transformational Gift

$20 million from MacKenzie Scott fuels our ability to help even more people
March 3, 2021

In a year unlike any other—with its profound challenges and deep uncertainty—we are happy to announce some good news: Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott has gifted $20 million dollars to United Way of Central Maryland—the largest individual donation in our 95-year history!
Our proven ability to deliver positive, meaningful results and our strong and thoughtful plan for our future work were driving factors in the decision to award this gift, which will greatly amplify our ability to provide what’s needed, where it’s needed to more of our neighbors and neighborhoods.

The “bow” on this tremendous gift as we approach the holidays is the fact that United Way of Central Maryland was one of 6,500 national contenders for funding. In all, 384 organizations were vetted and selected by Scott. We are honored and proud to stand in their ranks.

With this donation, we can do even more of our life-changing work: to respond to immediate needs while fighting against the long-standing barriers to economic, health, employment, and educational equity everywhere in our region.

“A gift of this size allows us to fast-track our already proven programs and services to help more people, more rapidly,” said Franklyn Baker, president and CEO, United Way of Central Maryland. “We know that systemic change is required to tackle immediate needs and longstanding inequities here in Greater Baltimore. We will continue to get people what they need right now, while tackling the long-term and structural challenges that we know are creating barriers to life’s basic needs.”

Thanks to Scott’s generosity, we will bolster the progress of key initiatives of our six-year strategic plan, including supporting leaders and change agents, bringing together partners, propelling innovative programs that break down inequities, connecting generous people with the causes they care about, and optimizing our organization and position in the community to benefit future generations.

United Way’s success is built on the shared strength and commitment of others to the well-being of Greater Baltimore. Other local organizations are also benefitting; read what inspired Scott to support United Way of Central Maryland and others, and how recipients were selected in her blog post.

We are profoundly grateful for Scott’s generosity. With her gift and each that follows, we will be even stronger and more flexible in our ability to promote equity and ensure access to basic needs across our region.


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Your gift keeps Marylanders in homes, helps kids in school, and provides access to healthy food and jobs that pay the bills.

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