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Senior Vice President Accelerator Institute


United Way of Central Maryland has seen tremendous growth, particularly in the areas of a trusted knowledge source, incubating and honing best and promising practices as well as the harmonization of resources whether financial, social, or human. This new and unique position will require the attention and oversight of a start-up social accelerator. This position will ensure the capitalization of these activities by making available to stakeholders (internal and external), the knowledge, techniques, and expertise to heighten effectiveness and consistency to the landscape of equity, neighborhood resiliency, and direct and indirect service provision. This position will be responsible for all aspects of the Institute including Program Research and Development, Research and Data Sharing, Innovation, Capacity Building and Technical Assistance, Evaluation and Accountability, and Neighborhood Resiliency. The senior leader in this position will work cross functionally and collaboratively to ensure short and long-term success. This position will:

  • Provide general management and leadership, coordination among different stakeholders, partnerships, and others
  • Identify and develop strategies to optimize the Institute’s reach
  • Keep relevant staff informed about upcoming deadlines and deliverables, thereby
  • ensuring smooth completion of work responsibilities
  • Advance program evolution
  • Accelerate innovation through partnerships, technical assistance, capacity building and other means that may be needed
  • Prepare financial or budget plans and allocations along with the finance department in accordance with priorities and needs of division
  • Prepare performance metrics along with Impact Strategies in accordance with financial and programmatic requirements
  • Clearly communicate proper rules and guidelines, specifications, regulations and requirements, and objectives across all UWCM departments, management, and boards
  • Monitor, analyze and identify funding needs
  • Analyze budget trends and make recommendations for cost control and reduction related to grants
  • Identify, master, and manage software in partnership with the IT department to meet requirements and ensure security and data integrity
  • Lead the team in providing superior customer service
  • Work with Grants Division to ensure all required paperwork, guidelines and regulations are followed

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES includes, but are not limited to:

30% Program Research and Development

  • Analyze assets/needs/gaps with racial equity focus
  • Support development of programming best practices using data and research
  • Collect data to support equity and success/course correction; establish monitoring procedures
  • Advance program evolution
  • Conduct ROI analyses
  • Conduct landscape analyses
  • Conduct research as needed and requested for UWCM programmatic areas
  • Ensure timely completion of reports as needed and requested for UWCM

30% Product and Tool Development

  • Identify/build tools for repository of data, research, recordings, materials, analyses, etc. for use by stakeholders and others
  • Devising and implementing efficient and secure procedures for data and knowledge management and analysis
  • Increase UWCM role as hub and leader for data, information, and expertise
  • Establish policies and procedures for sharing data and knowledge internally as well as externally
  • Ensure timely completion of white papers, program implementation reports and summaries, documents, and tools for use both internally and externally
  • Work with other divisions according to frameworks and mechanisms to incubate impact activities

30% Awareness, Education and Promotion of Institute

  • Engage with the broader ecosystem and establish key partnerships across industry players, policy makers and knowledge partners
  • Grow collaborations with internal and external stakeholders
  • Work closely with marketing to create awareness campaign including launch of institute
  • Work with other divisions to create materials for promotion of institute to key stakeholders
  • Expand use of data, knowledge, and stories to demonstrate impact

10% Divisional or Other Responsibilities

  • Acts as lead staff for various committees, sub-committees, task forces, special projects and initiatives as assigned; ensures preparation of special studies and reports as needed; leads and actively participates in the overall work of the Division.


To demonstrate ongoing success in this position, the Senior Vice President Accelerator Institute will consistently:

  • Accurately identify and appropriately act on potential collaborative, partnership, or other opportunities;
  • Work effectively with colleagues and stakeholders to implement processes and procedures necessary to assure the receipt and distribution of resources to create incubation projects, accelerate impact, and enhance UWCM’s perception and proven competency as a trusted and reliable “go to” source for data, research, and knowledge
  • Develop positive interpersonal and working relationships with various publics, including funded agencies, volunteers, UWCM staff, other human services organizations, funders, donors, collaborating organizations, think tanks, government entities and supporters;
  • Build the kinds of partnerships needed to help UWCM expand and improve its service to and impact on the community;
  • Appropriately and accurately discuss and act on critical policy issues related to UWCM’s impact and potentially other aspects of its work;
  • Collaborate with executive management team and their team members to assure volunteers’ time is efficiently and effectively used and they are satisfied with their contributions of time and effort to UWCM;
  • Produce clear, concise, and accurate information, reports, training materials, and other documents;
  • Stay current with relevant UWCM policies and procedures and make sure that information is appropriately disseminated to colleagues, volunteers, and agencies in a timely fashion; and
  • Provide a high degree of customer service.

INTERACTION: (Internal and External)


Interact with UWCM central office and regional staff on a daily or weekly basis to coordinate work/tasks; provide information and research data as needed; participate in staff committee/team activities; develop cooperative and effective working relationships with all UWCM colleagues.


Interact with volunteers, agency staff, grant making and other organizations on a regular basis to identify and build strategies; respond to inquiries, make site visits, review programs, attend meetings, provide technical assistance and community impact activities as assigned/identified.


Abilities/Skills: (i.e., leadership, ability to empathize, initiative, self-confidence, customer focus, drive to achieve, teamwork, etc.)

  • Bachelor’s degree in related field (Master’s degree in related field helpful but not required) and a minimum of 7 years of full-time program development and implementation;
  • Demonstrated substantial success in program results;
  • Expertise or experience in specific issue area preferred; may include homelessness and housing, workforce development, energy assistance, asset building, poverty alleviation and related basic needs issues;
  • Proven leadership capability particularly at mid-senior level;
  • Effectiveness working closely with senior or executive team members;
  • Proven ability to track and manage several projects simultaneously;
  • Ability to conduct research and analyze and evaluate issues and make recommendations as well as lead activities on courses of action;
  • Experience leading teams to accomplish a goal;
  • Ability to write well and produce clear, concise, and accurate letters, E-mails, memos, white papers, summaries, minutes, documents, and reports and prepare and disseminate quality products and information;
  • Knowledge of policy issues affecting the delivery of human services in central Maryland.
  • Exceptionally motivated, detail-oriented, team player;
  • Experience presenting to the public;
  • Ability to think critically and form strategies to develop community partnerships necessary to address community needs;
  • Build relationships and communicate effectively with diverse populations, government, not-for-profit and private sector entities;
  • Knowledge of human service delivery systems affecting central Maryland;
  • Organize and prioritize work; consistently meet deadlines;
  • Balance internal/external organizational requirements;
  • Facilitate group process and decision-making; and
  • Excellent written, verbal, quantitative and computer skills and the ability to use MS Word, Excel, Access and Outlook programs (or equivalent).

PHYSICAL DEMANDS: (sitting, standing, lifting, etc)

The position requires that one:

  • Write and type; sit for extended periods of time at a computer
  • Write, remain attentive and take notes for extended periods of time in meetings
  • Work under pressure and manage stress effectively
  • Be available for periodic early morning or evening meetings and presentations
  • Occasionally, be able to adjust work hours to meet deadlines and respond to requests
  • Drive and have car available
  • Stand to make presentations

Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume via email to:
United Way of Central Maryland
Attention: Human Resources
1800 Washington Boulevard, Suite 340
Baltimore, MD 21230


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