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STEP Program, Assistant Director


The Strategic Eviction Prevention (STEP) Program has become a leading model across the state for providing rental assistance to stop evictions for vulnerable households. The program works with landlords to provide bulk rent relief for many households at once. The Assistant Director, in partnership with the Director, will help lead a team of program staff to interface with landlords, educate them about the program processes, collect documentation submissions, review the documentation for eligibility for each household, and prepare the bundled past-due accounts for payment. 

The assistant director will compile data from landlord submissions and keep track of expenditures. The Assistant Director will contribute to the creation of program reports and help ensure compliance with grant agreement and program implementation timelines. The Assistant Director will work with the Program Director to make strategic decisions about how to adapt the program model to new local realities against the ever-changing backdrop of the COVID crisis. 


Include, but are not limited to: 

40% - Direct STEP Program Team - The Assistant Director will be responsible for managing a team of staff to collect and review documents from landlords for bulk payment of past-due accounts. The Assistant Director will work with the Program Director to track spending and keep the program on target for grant spending timelines. The Assistant Director will also assist in keeping track of key data for reporting purposes and producing reports at regular intervals. 

40% - Implement the STEP Program - The Assistant Director will collect and review documents from landlords for bulk payment of past-due accounts. The Assistant Director will use many different spreadsheets to keep track of each household's account as it moves through the review process towards payments. The Assistant Director will often need to follow up directly with tenants in order to acquire missing documentation or fix gaps in their submission. The entire mission of the program is to move money quickly and efficiently to address the ongoing evictions crisis with targeted rental assistance, while following all compliance guidelines, regulations, and protocols/processes/procedures. The Assistant Director's role is to facilitate these transactions within grant parameters. 

10% - Participate in strategic planning with government partners. Attend relevant meetings and information sessions. Liaison with other UWCM partners in the housing space. 

10% - Time spent on administrative responsibilities, including internal team meetings, UWCM staff meetings, regular supervision, payroll and attendance documentation, and tracking hours for grants billing. 


In order to be successful in this job, the STEP Assistant Director must consistently demonstrate competency in: 

Personnel management 

Extensive experience with spreadsheets (e.g. Excel) and online systems (e.g. Zoom)

Oral and written communication 

Knowledge of the human service delivery system 

Interpersonal skills: Must be able to treat clients with respect and courtesy and create an atmosphere of acceptance. Must develop and maintain working relationships with service providers. 

Client service delivery skills, including the ability to:

  • Interview clients and assess needs using active listening skills; 
  • Effectively use the computer to research resources and report data; 
  • Able to make independent decisions using good judgment; 
  • Employ problem solving techniques when appropriate; 
  • Exercise decision making and crisis intervention skills to manage emergency situations effectively.


Interactions with client families, health and human service providers, government agencies, landlords, other UWCM staff and volunteers and business representatives. Represents United Way of Central Maryland at community and business events. 


Requires personnel management experience. Experience managing budgets is strongly preferred. Experience in professional relationship management across organizations is required. Computer literacy is required. A brief computer capabilities test will be administered as part of the interview process in order to demonstrate competency with Excel, image manipulation, and remote/virtual systems. 


Ability to express ideas clearly to individuals and groups in oral discussions. Ability to deliver information appropriate to target audience. Ability to communicate and empathize with individuals of diverse backgrounds. Ability to write in a manner that is clear, concise, and grammatically correct. Ability to make independent decisions using good judgement. 


(Sitting, standing, lifting, etc)

Most of this position is remote/virtual due to the ongoing COVID crisis. The employee is primarily seated while performing the duties of the position at UWCM. Due to the situation with COVID, all work is conducted virtually from home. The hands are regularly used to write, type, keypunch and handle or feel small controls and objects. The employee must frequently talk and listen. Weights up to 25 pounds occur (i.e. laptop computer, heavy files, computer reports, computer terminals or other regular office equipment.) Requirements may be modified to accommodate individuals with disabilities. 


Commensurate with experience and qualifications. Please note this position is grant funded. 


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