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Veterans Treatment Court Case Manager (Part-Time)


The part-time case manager will work under United Way of Central Maryland (UWCM) and Anne Arundel County Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) program, serving individuals involved in the VTC. The position will work in an office setting as well as the community to provide services to court participants. 


Intensive Case Management Services (65%)

  • Provide comprehensive case management services to court participants including: intake assessment, benefit assessment, goal setting, long-term service plan development, progress monitoring, financial education, advocacy and referrals. 
  • Connect participants with appropriate community resources. 
  • Conduct follow-up with court participants and agencies as appropriate to document use/success of referral. 
  • Meet with court participants weekly or bi-weekly for us to 12 months. For the first six months of a court participant's participation in the program, at least 80% of the follow-up meetings should be held in-person rather than over the phone. 
  • Ensure that all documents submitted on behalf of a court participant are valid. 

SCRAM Monitoring (20%)

  • Assist with transdermal SCRAM monitoring for alcohol use and meet with clients at least one time per week to have the information digitally downloaded into the software system. 
  • Generate reports from the SCRAM monitoring for the team's review after every positive result and in advance of every court hearing.
  • Meet with the participant to remove the bracelet and close out the chart in the SCRAM database. 
  • Assist in any other drug testing procedures in conjunction with court team members, per the directions nof the VTC team. 

Outreach (10%)

  • Conduct outreach to develop relationship with referral sources and other community resources that benefit court participant families. 
  • Act as a liaison with various agencies (e.g. DSS, hospitals, housing programs, etc.) on behalf of court participants. 
  • Provide education and training on community needs and human service issues to United Way staff, community groups, agencies and other organizations. 
  • Support annual campaign through public speaking, as needed. 

Administrative Program Support (5%)

  • Work with UWCM team and other key stakeholders to develop and maintain administrative documents and policies and procedures for the program. Assist with collecting and tracking outcomes and reporting on program performance measurements in the SMART database. 


Strong oral and written communication.

Knowledge of the human service delivery system. 

Interpersonal skills: Must be able to treat court participants and volunteers with respect and courtesy and create an atmosphere of acceptance. Must develop and maintain effective working relationships with service providers. 

Service delivery skills, including the ability to:

  • Interview participants and assess needs using active listening skills; 
  • Work with participants and assess needs using active listening skills; 
  • Work with participants to establish goal plans' 
  • Motivate others to achieve goals;
  • Effectively use the computer to research resources and report data' 
  • Able to make independent decisions using good judgement 
  • Employ problem solving techniques when appropriate; 
  • Exercise decision making and crisis intervention skills to manage emergency situations effectively 


  • Interacts with court participants, judges, attorneys, health and human service providers, other UWCM staff and volunteers and business representatives. Represents United Way of Central Maryland at community and business events. 


  • Requires a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work, Human Services of related field. Preferred: Master's Degree, and at least 2 years of experience working with veterans and/or individuals working with substance use disorders and/or mental health diagnoses. Experience working in an urban setting desire. Computer literacy required. 
  • Abilities/Skills: Ability to express ideas clearly to individuals and groups in oral discussions. Ability to deliver information appropriate to target audience. Ability to communicate and empathize with individuals of diverse backgrounds. Ability to write in a manner that is clear, concise, and grammatically correct. Ability to make independent decisions using good judgment. 


  • Ability to stand for extended periods; stamina to work long hours on occasion; ability to sit for extended periods; ability to lift and carry up to 25 lbs. of literature, brochures, etc. for short distances. 
  • Write and type; sit for extended periods of time at a computer; 
  • Write, remain attentive, and take notes for extended periods of time in meetings; 
  • Work under pressure and manage stress effectively; 
  • Be available for periodic early morning or evening meetings and presentations;
  • Occasionally, be able to adjust work hours to meet deadlines and respond to requests; 
  • Drive and have car available; 
  • Stand to make presentations.


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