Darren Brownlee

Neighborhood: Baltimore City
Workplace: Johns Hopkins Medicine
Title/Position: Assistant Administrator


Favorites: Sports, collecting vinyl records, traveling, spending time with loved ones
Favorite Local Restaurant: Koco’s (Best Crab Cake in Maryland)
Favorite Musician: Kanye West (the old Kanye)
Favorite TV Show: Power, Game of Thrones, Grey’s Anatomy
Favorite Sports Team: Michigan & West Virginia (College Sports), Ravens (NFL)
Favorite Hangout: My man cave (my basement in my house) playing vinyl records on a 1971 Magnavox Record Player that my grandparents passed down to me.

Why did you get involved with ELU and United Way?
I wanted to serve my community and try to make an impact across the sectors. ELU and United Way directly impact our community, and I believe this was the best way to get involved with something that was bigger than myself.  

What is your favorite ELU event and why?
The Young Professionals Conference. Since it’s inception, I have only missed one conference (out of seven). I’ve benefitted from the conference’s professional development workshops, exposure to new point of views, and connecting with people outside of the healthcare sector, where I work. I’ve really enjoyed the educational sessions, and take-away’s from various speaker and participants.

Why do you think ELU is such an important program?
ELU provides a massive network of personal and professional connections. The group shares similar values, and the members provide different perspectives. We, as leaders, aim to partner with our community and ELU gives us the opportunity to do so—while having fun and sharing life-long memories with some extraordinary people. 

You couldn’t pay me to…
…not serve and care others in need. Even if (and hopefully, when) I become a billionaire, all the money in the world could not make me not care about those communities and people most in need.

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