In our region’s most challenged communities, up to 10 in 25 students won’t graduate high school.

Without a high school diploma, life can be an uphill battle. Ineligible for 90% of the jobs in this country, high school dropouts are more likely to:

  • Earn significantly less over the course of their working life
  • Have health issues and die younger
  • Become incarcerated
  • Establish a cycle of poverty for themselves and their families

Together with the support of its partners, local schools and businesses in the community, United Way is fighting for a better education and future for students in struggling neighborhoods with On Track 4 Success: An early-warning education program to help young students stay and succeed in school with the goal of graduating high school.

Piloted in 2017, United Way’s goal is to expand On Track 4 Success in schools across central Maryland and help more at-risk students stay in school, on track for graduation and prepared to pursue a career or attend college.

“Pick your issues: Is it solving inequality? Alleviating poverty? Workforce development? Crime reduction, reducing social tensions or building a better, more vibrant city? None of these will happen if our kids aren’t graduating high school.”

–Dr. Robert Balfanz, Research Professor and Director of the Everyone Graduates Center, The Johns Hopkins University, School of Education
On Track 4 Success is based on groundbreaking research conducted by Dr. Balfanz

Join United Way and area schools in the fight to put more central Maryland children back on track for a positive future. Please support the ongoing work and expansion of On Track 4 Success with a donation today.

Learn more about the need and the impact and the answer to student success this program provides.

Current On Track 4 Success Schools:

  • Maree G. Farring Elementary/Middle School, South Baltimore
  • Benjamin Franklin High School, South Baltimore
  • Meade Middle School, Anne Arundel County
  • Meade High School, Anne Arundel County





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On Track 4 Success is made possible by Exelon Corporation and McCormick & Company, Inc.

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United Way Family Center

Since 2014, the United Way Family Center has been instrumental in helping 21 teen parents, 100% of students in the program, graduate from Baltimore Benjamin Franklin High School. Eighteen infants and toddlers and their parents are presently enrolled in early childhood education programs and parenting education services.

“The program was created to meet a need identified by students. A team of administrators who were brought in to help turn around the school asked students about barriers to attendance. They found child care was one of the greatest challenges.”

School-based daycare in South Baltimore helps teen parents graduate
The Baltimore Sun, April 12, 2017


Make an investment to help stabilize children in our community so they can succeed in school and prepare for a bright future. No one can create change alone. That’s why we need you.


When Brianna found out she was expecting, she didn’t want to tell her mom or grandmother. As a high school senior, she knew most teen parents drop out of school, and Brianna did not want to become a statistic. She knew she had to finish school, and that to do that, she would need help.

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