Harvesting Kale for those in Need

Date: June 30, 2016

When you’re on a fixed income or barely able to make ends meet, being able to afford fresh fruits and vegetables seems out of reach. That’s why, on June 25, volunteers from United Way of Central Maryland, Target in Annapolis, Girl Scouts, Cub Scouts and a local church all came together at First Fruits Farm to harvest kale and collard greens. Children as young as four years old joined their parents and all ages of volunteers to gather fresh, healthy produce for local food banks in Pennsylvania and Maryland. The result: 450 15-pound bags – over three tons – of nutritious kale and collard greens harvested to feed hungry families.

“You’re going to get hot and tired,” one of the First Fruits Farm lead volunteers told the group. “When you do, just remember who you are helping.” This lead volunteer shared a story about passing out bags of potatoes at a recent festival and helping a woman carry the bag back to her car. When he got there, it was obvious that this woman and her daughter were living in their car. The woman told him those potatoes were the only food they had that day.

Founded by Rick Bernstein of Brown Advisory and his wife, Carol, First Fruits Farm is entirely volunteer-run. Since 2004, the farm and its volunteers have provided nearly eight million pounds of fresh produce, everything from green beans to sweet corn, to hungry people living in our communities. Watch their video to learn more about the farm and its impact: http://firstfruitsfarm.org/ First Fruits Farm is a valued partner, helping advance United Way’s mission to stabilize families through education, housing and income and health.

Serving as a Harvest Helper volunteer at First Fruits Farm is one of many ways you can get involved to change the odds for individuals, children and families right here in central Maryland. Sign up for the next Harvest Helpers or any of United Way of Central Maryland’s volunteer events: https://uwcmold.wpengine.com/volunteer/

Register now and invite a friend, neighbor or coworker to join you.

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