I Am Afraid For My Sons.

Date: August 31, 2018

Glenda C., Baltimore, MD

I grew up in Baltimore City my entire life. During my teenage years, AIDS/HIV, crack cocaine and an increased murder rate and
police brutality descended in neighborhoods from east to west. Even with those issues that plagued our city, there was still a sense of safety I felt. I continued to party at night clubs, went out late night to grab food from the local carry outs and payed little attention to my surroundings. Maybe I was too immature to identify the gravity of of what our communities were facing. Now that I have three sons, I am terrified for their safety. There is something different about the current climate of crime. There is a lawlessness that that exists that can be traced to the aforementioned issues. Children born in addiction as a result of the crack epidemic have been affected. Children displaced and forced into foster care have been affected. Children whose parents have been gunned down on the streets of Baltimore have been affected. Families have been torn apart because of the insensitivity of law enforcement. That braided cord of anger is what I fear and it’s not a matter of who, it’s when. I am afraid for my sons.

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