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THE FUTURE OF PHILANTHROPY IS HERE: United Way of Central Maryland Now Offers Philanthropy Cloud

April 8, 2021

Philanthropy Cloud is an AI-based platform making it easier for employers to engage employees with the causes they care about

Baltimore, MD (October 16, 2018) – A new era of giving has begun in Charm City and its surrounding counties. United Way of Central Maryland now offers’s Philanthropy Cloud— the first global platform that connects companies, employees, customers and partners with the charities and causes that are most important to them.

Philanthropy Cloud helps companies streamline philanthropic investments while helping employees make lasting change in the philanthropic community. By offering an easy, one-stop, personalized experience, where employees can connect with each other 24/7, advocate for causes they care about, host fundraisers, connect with change makers, organize volunteers and track the impact of their efforts throughout their lifetime – Philanthropy Cloud empowers employees to come together to fight for a cause. This increased engagement has led to companies across the United States and Canada to see a boost in corporate social responsibility strategies, and ultimately, to retain talent as more employees are choosing jobs based on how well workplaces align with their values.

“At United Way of Central Maryland, our goal has always been to bring together people and organizations to meet our biggest and most challenging needs,” said Elise Lee, Senior Vice President & Chief Innovation Officer, United Way of Central Maryland. “Philanthropy Cloud is a game-changer. It harnesses the power of today’s communications and artificial intelligence to engage today’s socially conscious, tech-savvy employees who want to be more engaged than ever with their local communities. United Way has seen this platform help companies to meet and surpass corporate responsibility goals, and more importantly, strengthen community engagement with their brand – all while connecting employees with causes they are passionate about.”

Philanthropy Cloud is an initiative being spearheaded by United Way Worldwide. Since its launch, 21 local United Ways, including United Way of Central Maryland, have begun offering the platform to their network of local corporate partners. Across the country iconic corporations like Kellogg’s, Kaiser, Spring, and others, have moved to the platform for their corporate giving solution.
For more information about Philanthropy Cloud click here.

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