If you ask Brooke what she’s proudest of – other than her two children – she’ll tell you it was the day recently when she opened her very first savings account. Although it contains a modest $211.24, she has diligently saved a bit each month since she began following a budget in January. Brooke feels a sense of self-worth she hasn’t felt in a long time with each deposit, knowing she is putting money away so that when things come up in life, what should be a small bump in the road doesn’t turn into a crisis.

The Howard County resident remembers all too well what it felt like being evicted after falling behind on rent and having nowhere to go with her children and mother.

Fortunately, United Way’s homelessness prevention program in Howard County helped her find new housing quickly, so that her family didn’t have to resort to a homeless shelter (or worse). Through the program, made possible thanks to the generosity of United Way donors, the single mom also received assistance with the security deposit for her new home – something that is often a barrier for families seeking housing.

Now that Brooke and her family live in a safe, stable home and are building savings, each day feels like an opportunity instead of a struggle. Her children have an easier time focusing in school now that the stress at home has lessened, and Brooke is able to be a more focused, attentive mother. With each deposit into that savings account, the future looks brighter.

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