Cherice’s Story: Pay the rent or buy Christmas presents?


Pay the rent…or buy Christmas presents for your child? No parent wants to make this decision. But Cherice had to. Your generosity this makes an impact that goes well beyond bringing smiles and joy to families on Christmas day. Such was the case for a young single mother in south Baltimore.

Cherice is working very hard to make ends meet. She has pushed herself to gain several certifications to advance her career and is working tirelessly to get ahead. She knows that her next pay check needs to go towards rent and utility bills, but she also realized this meant there would be nothing left to purchase gifts for her daughter, making her budget decisions a matter of what her heart wanted and what she knew was right.

When Cherice picked up the gifts for her family from the Emerging Leaders United Holiday Village Celebration, she was stunned, emotional and overcome with pure gratitude. She kept waiting for her case manager to tell her that it was a joke because “all of the gifts could not possibly be for my family.” She had anticipated a very small Christmas this year, and her reaction moved everyone to tears. Thanks to you, not only does her little girl get to experience the joy of the season, Cherice is one step closer to catching up.

You can help families like Cherice’s with a donation to United Way.


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