Patricia Stephens

Date: August 2, 2016

Patsey was a longtime supporter of UWCM’s information and referral service, First Call for Help/2-1-1 Maryland United Way Helpline. From 1992 though 2008 Patsey came to UWCM weekly to volunteer on the helpline. Patsey was devoted to helping the most vulnerable in our community connect with resources to meet their basic needs. Patsey’s warmth, compassion and commitment made her the ideal volunteer. All of us benefitted greatly from having Patsey as a part of the UWCM team for so many years.

I am so pleased that we are taking time out to recognize Patsey today. I know that she doesn’t relish fanfare and the spotlight, but I hope she’ll indulge us today as we sing her praises. I have benefited in so many ways from knowing Patsey. As everybody knows, staffing has been a major challenge for us in recent years. It was great knowing that on Tuesdays, during our busiest time of the day, we would have that extra hand. And Patsey actually prefers it, when we are extremely busy. The fast pace doesn’t faze or discourage her—she thrives on it. Secondly, I have been observing Patsey over the years and gathering some tips for living. She lives a balanced life, making time for family, friends, the community, learning and fun. And she adjusts well to change. The job has changed in several ways over the years and she has hung in there with us. And she demonstrates courage—not only in continuing to come in here every Tuesday as the calls have become more challenging and complex; but also in the adventures she pursues around the world. Finally, I appreciate the encouragement and support Patsey gives me. She takes the time out to pat me on the back and say “Job well done.” It means so much to me.

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