Rebecca’s Story: The light of hope

Date: December 17, 2015

Together with our partners, donors and volunteers, we’re helping hundreds of families across central Maryland like Rebecca’s. When Rebecca came home to find that her family had been evicted from their home, the last bit of hope she had been hanging on to vanished. United Way stepped in immediately to help and in less than a month, her family had a new home.

“It was a very cold and blustery day in January on the day that our family lost our home. My husband had lost his job. The feeling of hopelessness with no way out had more than overwhelmed us. There are no words to describe being locked out of our home, belongings placed on the street for everyone to judge…the feeling of having to pick your children up from school, and telling them they had no place to go that night.”

But thanks to United Way’s Family Stability program, there was immediate help and a place to stay that first night, plus long-term assistance to get the family back on their feet.

“It put the light of hope back into us…within less than a month, we were placed into a new home. The sadness in our children dissipated. We were shown light when there was only darkness. We received kindness when we felt only loneliness. We are forever grateful. The program has dramatically changed our lives and we hope for great things in our future.”


  1. I would really like more information regarding united ways family stability program. it would be helpful to have a contact name and phone number.

    • Hi Mrs. Silwick, Thank you for your interest. For information on how to access services at a Family Stability program, please dial 2-1-1. For general information about Family Stability at United Way, contact Angie McAllister at or 410-895-1459.

    • Keep on writing and chggniug away!

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