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A Bright Future for DJ’s Family  

a mom with two kids

DJ, a single mom raising two children, enrolled in United Way’s Family Stability Homelessness Prevention Program in June 2020 after falling two months behind on monthly rent—more than $2,600. After losing employment due to COVID-19, DJ was referred to United Way for eviction prevention assistance by her All-In Case Manager with The Center for Urban Families (CFUF).   

COVID-19 created setbacks for DJ, but it was clear she was motivated to continue moving forward, setting goals for herself, including getting a job with Silver Pheonix Transportation. DJ secured an interview, was hired, and later promoted, leading to a pay increase. DJ also connected with Vehicles for Change and was selected to receive a new car—she no longer relies on public transportation.   

DJ has been diligent in her efforts to support her family and continues to engage with CFUF staff about her progression and setting more goals for her bright future.