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United Way of Central Maryland’s Designation Policy

A minimum donation of $100 is required for each designation, or it will revert to United Way of Central Maryland. Designation must be to a 501c(3) organization or another United Way. A 5% fee will be deducted on designations, subject to a $5 minimum and a cap of $500. There is no fee to designate to UWCM, our six community funds, 2-1-1 Maryland United Way Helpline, our Family Stability Initiative or our Access to Healthy Food Initiative.

If you have not provided sufficient information for your agency designation, your designation will be redirected to United Way’s Community Impact Safety Net.

If the agency you choose is ineligible and your designation is $100 or more, United Way will notify you so that you may redirect your investment. If we do not get a response, then it will revert to United Way’s Community Impact Safety Net.

If an agency you choose is eligible, but becomes ineligible at any point in the distribution schedule – such as when an agency’s non-profit status is revoked or the agency goes out of business – United Way will direct the remaining portion of your gift amounts to the United Way’s Community Impact Safety Net.