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Candice's bills started to pile up. Then, United Way helped.

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Candice had just returned to work in the HR department of a local nonprofit after her daughter was born. She was excited to take this next step in her career—and as a mother.

She was able to enjoy her new normal - for about two months. Then her daughter's daycare center closed. Candice had to face some decisions she never thought she’d have to make.

She was forced to choose between choice her job or childcare for her newborn and two other children. Her family lives in New York, so family help was out of the question.

Soon enough, the bills started to pile up, her rent was overdue, and Candice was trying to find any means available to make ends meet.

Eviction was imminent until her property manager told her about United Way’s STEP (Strategic Targeted Eviction Prevention) program, which covers back rent for people impacted by the pandemic. She met the program criteria, and she and the STEP staff worked together to complete the application.

Candice’s back rent was paid, and without the fear of eviction hanging over her head, she’s focused on returning to work and spending quality time with her kids. In talking about her experience, Candice shared that it reaffirmed her belief that “no matter how hard it gets, everything will be okay.”

The need for housing support for people like Candace is critical RIGHT NOW as federal funds for emergency rental assistance are about to run out.