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Economic Advancement

United Way of Central Maryland Economic Advancement programs empower families with the skills, resources, and opportunities to reach financial success. We deploy strategies that eradicate legacy barriers and transform the relationship employers have with talent to ensure more equitable workplaces.



Breaking Down Barriers to Employment and Economic Mobility

WorkWays is a comprehensive employee/employer engagement program designed to transform and redefine relationships between employers and talent and create more equitable working environments. 

Focused on increasing retention rates, fostering professional development, and driving positive business results, WorkWays partners with employers to support employees by utilizing resource navigation, supportive community services, and career coaching, all grounded in research and best practice models.

Why Partner with WorkWays? 

  • High turnover within an organization is expensive. 

  • Employee support and job/career coaching can improve productivity and retention rates. 

  • Employee performance is directly associated with workplace morale that improves when employees feel supported. 

WorkWays Benefits:  

  • Stronger retention rates that convey business stability for creditors and employees  

  • Equitable environments that create advancement opportunities for employees  

  • Support in the workplace and from community resources that builds stronger employees and helps foster their economic stability  

  • Strategic and effective use of resources that support business goals  

  • Strong employees and businesses that help strengthen our communities and the local economy  



The WorkWays concept is simple: employers and employees work collaboratively with United Way to effectively develop and test best HR practices using the workplace as a platform for services to help employees obtain, retain, and grow stable employment. 

The goal: breaking down barriers to employment and economic advancement to build thriving employees focused on continual improvement. 


For more information, contact: Mardochee Casimir 410-895-1509, Director of Public Policy and Economic Advancement 


United Way of Central Maryland launched its inaugural Workforce Leadership Academy in partnership with The Aspen Institute and with support from The Weinberg Foundation. 

The Workforce Leadership Academy brings leaders from across Baltimore’s workforce ecosystem together for a year-long series of retreats, workshops, and action learning projects. Academies engage senior-level managers of organizations that make up our workforce development ecosystem.  

Learn more about the Workforce Leadership Academy and meet the first cohort of fellows.  



In partnership with the Federal Reserve of Atlanta, United Way of Central Maryland developed the Career Ladder Identifier and Financial Forecaster (CLIFF) Dashboard to help Marylanders make informed career decisions to overcome the benefits cliff. Career-long projections on earnings are based on income, public benefits, and career choice. Learn more.



Personalized Guidance: Tailored support from mentors addressing your unique financial goals. 

Comprehensive Education: Expert-led sessions covering budgeting, debt management, savings, and more. 

One-on-One Mentoring: Individualized sessions with a dedicated financial mentor for personalized guidance and support. 

Practical Resources: Access tools and best practices to manage your finances effectively. 

Community Support: Engage with a supportive community facilitated by knowledgeable mentors. 


Start your journey to financial empowerment today!